Gone are the days of broken lift cords, leaning over the bow of your boat in the middle of tournament to reconstruct your nylon cord, even though you knew the time was coming soon. People say; "I'll take care of it when it breaks." Really? Anyways, we've all been there. You go to store or deploy your trolling motor...snap.. your lift cord just broke, and hopefully your still in the boat. Fish with the added peace of mind and assurance of the Patent-Pending Pro-Cord, or be that guy who takes care of it when it breaks. Besides, it's a good excuse for showing up to weigh in with no fish, right?


Wrong. Even if you do manage to make it back in time, you'll still have to explain why you didn't catch 'em today when you had '37 pounds' in practice. While I can't guarantee that the Pro-Cord will help you catch more fish; it will keep you fishing longer. Which, for most of us, means more fish (or divorces.) Either way, it sounds like a win-win.


"With Pro-Cord, I know that every time I go to lift or lower my trolling motor, I no longer have to worry about the lift cord breaking. This added piece of mind on the water is priceless." - Austin Terry


"It's like fishing with braid. Since there's no stretch, the motor just pops right up. The fact that it won't break is a nice bonus, but I like it because it just works better!" - Mark Armstrong


"Great cord. Put it in yesterday. Having the feeling knowing your cord will not snap on the water is priceless..." - Dan Halen


"Yeah buddy put that little red thing on yesterday, my old nylon cord was down to just a handle... This thing is the REAL DEAL." - Robert Wolfe


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Our Pro-Staff consists of anglers from all levels and demographics. These anglers all have one thing in common: success. Why is that, you may wonder. It's simple; with Pro-Cord, you spend less time repairing your lift cord, and more time fishing.

The busiest part of the year for fisherman is right around the corner! It's time to replace that worn lift-cord on your trolling motor with a Pro-Cord.


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Pro-Cord is now Patent-Pending! Just goes to show that this is the real deal. A simple concept that employs both universalism and strength to provide any angler with the inexpensive peace of mind that they deserve on the water.

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